Things to Do in Paris Alone at Night to Entertain Yourself

For the longest time, Paris has been known as the most romantic place on earth. Some go there to find love; others travel there with someone.

But what happens when you find yourself alone at night in Paris? Do not fret; there are plenty of things you can do by yourself while in Paris.

Whether or not you like to be spontaneous with your visits and explore without any destination in mind, or if you prefer to be more organized with your visits and to have your whole trip planned out in its entirety, here are a few fun things to do in Paris at night to entertain yourself!

woman walking in paris

Go On a Walk

Sometimes we have this fear of looking silly being by ourselves out in public, but there truly is nothing wrong with taking a little stroll by yourself, no matter where you might be. Sometimes walking without a destination in mind can be the most exciting thing! Who knows what or who you might stumble into.

Luckily, Paris is full of small pastry shops, bakeries, boutiques, and other stores you’ll never see on television. They’re incredible and one of the things that make walking in Paris worth your time.

If you are a person who hates walking aimlessly around, then walking around the city streets might not be as fun for you. You can have a destination in mind and be walking in that general direction and still have an enjoyable walk.

pretty lady sitting outide cafe shop outside with her coffee and bread

Pretend to Be a Local

Integrate yourself into the city and meet the locals. Paris is home to all sorts of tourist attractions; however, sometimes the small finds are more interesting to some people. If you find that going to the touristy places isn’t as fun as you thought, but you still want to enjoy your time while in Paris, then try finding places that the locals usually go to.

If you happen to be on a walk and see some cute coffee shop, go in and hang out there for a bit. If you happen to see a small business, go and check it out. There are so many interesting new things to see while visiting any new place, you just have to be willing to check them out for yourself.

girl in blue dress standing against the arc de triomphe in Paris

Visit Some Monuments

Some of the most iconic monuments are located in Paris, France, namely the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, and the Arc de Triomphe. However, the Notre Dame cathedral is still being renovated since it caught fire back in April of 2019.

Eiffel Tower

aerial view on eiffel tower over the city sunset

The Eiffel Tower was made way back in 1887 and has become a very iconic symbol of Paris ever since. It’s beautiful to look at during the day and spectacular to look at during the night.

At night the whole tower is lit up and can be an amazing sight to see even if you aren’t right next to it.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedrial night view

The Notre Dame de Paris, also known as the Notre Dame cathedral, is a catholic cathedral. The process of building this cathedral started way back in 1163. It used to be an interesting place to go and visit while spending time in Paris, however, it recently caught fire, and they haven’t been able to fix it entirely yet.

You can still visit and look at it from a distance, you just can’t go inside the building for now. 

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe morning view in paris

The Arc de Triomphe has been open since 1836. It is an arch that was built to celebrate Napoleon’s victories. The pictures do not do it justice, the monument is 164 feet tall and 148 feet wide. If you choose to visit, just be aware of the fact that the grounds to the arch close around 10:30 at night.

Visit Some Museums

Les Invalides National Museum In Paris Daytime View

Museums can be a nice calm activity to enjoy while in Paris. Art might not be for everyone, but it’s worth it to try going to at least one museum in your life, and it doesn’t have to be art-related. Paris has a variety of museums, the Louver, Les Invalides, and the Bourdelle are some of the more popular ones.

If you choose to go visit some of these museums, just keep in mind that most of the museums close around six at night.

Louver Museum

The Louver Museum in Paris, Largest Museum in the world daytime view

The Louver Museum is an art museum that was founded in 1793. The Louver Museum holds some of the most well-known art pieces in history. The museum includes (but is not limited to) The Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Liberty Leading the People, The Wedding at Cana, etc.

You might not know the art pieces by their names, but you may recognize them once you see them. To be surrounded by so many paintings with such rich history is incredible.

Les Invalides Museum

Les Invalides Museum In Paris France Night view

The Les Invalides holds a series of military museums, and it is also where Napoleon’s tomb is located. It could be interesting and fun to learn more about the history of the military and wars Paris has encountered. If you are one who loves learning about history and want to know more about Paris, then this is the place for you!

Bourdelle Museum

back of young woman with blue backpack taking picture of museum

The Bourdelle Museum is an art museum that holds much of Antoine Bourdelle’s artwork, hence its name. The museum is located at Bourdelle’s old art studio, where he created many interesting sculptures. Whether you are interested in Bourdelle and his work or if you love sculptures, giving this museum a visit might be fun.

Stay Inside

view from inside pretty young girl having breakfast on balcony in Paris

Staying inside while in Paris might seem like the lamest thing one could do. However, sometimes staying inside and looking out at the city can be just as entertaining as going somewhere. If you have had a pretty eventful day out in the city or if you have jet lag, then staying in can still be a fun option. Order up some amazing French food and take in the view.

If you aren’t feeling up for an adventure, then don’t torture yourself by going out if you don’t want to. Try looking out at the city with a book in your hand. Try reading about the great philosophers of France; there are plenty of them!

pretty woman with her camera traveling in Paris

Do What Makes You Happy

Whether you choose to take a stroll amongst the locals, do all the touristy things, or stay in, try to enjoy your time in Paris. Take a look at all the famous monuments, go check out small businesses, appreciate the art pieces, or admire the view. Just do whatever makes you happy!

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