11 Best Social Activities for Single Adults

It seems as if it was just yesterday when you played with your friends who lived just across the street from your house. However, those days are long gone. If all of your few close friends already have their own families or partners and you’re still single, you might be wondering what you can do to improve your social life and meet new people.

When you’re an adult, making new friends can be more challenging compared to when you’re a kid. It can be hard to join a new social scene, especially if you have just moved to a new environment.

To help you widen your social life, here are some social activities you can do solo so you can get some much needed social interaction:

1. Attend a festival

adult woman holding a drink and dancing at summer festival

There are different kinds of festivals you can attend, including music festivals, hobby festivals, car festivals, history festivals, and more.

Because the theme of the festival shapes the crowd, you will already have an idea of what to expect. You may choose to join or skip the event depending on your passion and interest.

2. Visit a museum or gallery

man capturing artwork using his phone in an art gallery

If you’re an art, history, or culture enthusiast, attending the opening of a museum or gallery is a great way to meet new people who share the same interest as you.

This situation is perfect for people who prefer a low-stress environment. You don’t have to tell people about yourself right there and then. Instead, you can have a chat about the painting or the art that’s in front of you. From this, you can get a deeper understanding of the person you’re talking to.

In addition, gallery and museum openings usually provide snacks, such as wine and cheese, which means that you can have free food while socializing!

3. Visit a sports competition

Football supporter fans watching match cheering at stadium

If you’re a sports enthusiast and would like to meet new people who share the same passion as you, visiting a sports competition is a great idea.

People in sports events have raw and real emotions—they cheer for their favorite team, they are full of adrenaline, and they can be a little tipsy, too. Meeting a person on such occasions allows both of you to create a deep bond, and it also gives a sense of belonging, especially if you’re cheering for the same team.

4. Go ghost hunting

group of friend touching crystal ball paranormal activity

If you are fond of supernatural and paranormal things, you might want to look for ghost walks, ghost hunting, or any other ghost tours near your area!

It’s common in every area or town to have haunted places, such as an abandoned hotel, hospital, or unfinished construction of a building, for you to check out. Going there in a group means that you can make friends with other members who love going into spooky situations. Not to mention that you may also have access to cool equipment that is only made for events like this!

5. Join community groups

community support group having discussion

If you don’t know your neighbors and want to get to know them more, then try joining community groups. One of the perks of participating in this type of social activity is that you don’t need to travel far to meet people. Instead, you can simply step out of your house, walk a few blocks, and you’re already socializing with people you might not have yet met before.

It is common for communities to regularly gather together to simply hang out or take part in making their living environment a better place. Usually, there are planting or gardening projects, charity works, or sports activities.

Depending on your lifestyle and area of interest, you can join in one or more activities. And who knows, from that, you can meet people who you can talk to about your other interests, ranging from alien and supernatural conspiracies to anime and Korean drama – literally anything.

6. Take classes

solo girl student sitting down on floor campus

There are various classes you can attend – a cooking class is one. Not only will taking creative classes allow you to learn and improve your skills, but it also enables you to meet new people who share the same interests as you. Moreover, you will be able to meet people of all ages and backgrounds in taking classes.

7. Get a gym membership

gym instructor helping woman lifting

Getting a gym membership in your area enables you to meet other health-conscious people. If you’d like to expose yourself to such an environment and want to motivate yourself to be healthier, visiting a gym on a regular basis is a good idea.

Moreover, you may also get ideas on how to be healthier from these people in terms of their diet plans and exercise routines.

8. Participate in volunteer works

smiling volunteers cleaning garbage in the forest

Those who have already joined volunteer work know how rewarding and fulfilling it is in different aspects. Taking part in such activities will not only benefit your community, but it will also allow you to meet people who share similar values as you.

Moreover, because you are able to help your community, it will make you feel good about yourself, thus making you more productive. Not to mention that it also helps alleviate depression.

Participating in your local church’s activities, cleaning your community, and helping in rescuing stray animals are only some of the many volunteer works you can find available.

9. Take your dog out for a walk

beautiful morning walk with pet dog

If you have a four-legged friend, taking him out for a walk is one of the great ways to meet new people. Not only are you able to meet your dog’s regular exercise needs, but having a dog also helps you easily communicate with people if you feel shy about approaching them first. This is because dogs are naturally curious about other canines, which will result in them dragging their owners towards you.

10. Travel

adult smiling woman travelling in tourist city with suitcase

Traveling provides great benefits for humans. It allows you to connect with total strangers, enables you to learn more about the local culture, it widens your knowledge about the different foods and more.

Moreover, you get to choose where you want to travel. If you love surfing, then you have the freedom to go to a beach and meet local surfers in the area.

If you want to try different foods, you can book a local food tour along with other tourists. If you want to hike, you can book yourself for a local hiking tour along with other local and tourist hikers. Basically, the options of doing something in a specific area are endless.

11. Online Gaming

Who says you can’t socialize from the comfort of your home? Playing games is not only for kids and teenagers – adults can have such a hobby, too! If you’re an introvert and are having difficulty creating connections with other people, meeting people online is a good start.

Playing online games is a great way to meet people online. Some games also feature joining guilds and clubs, which creates deeper bonds among online players.

Final Words

In the end, the key to successfully choosing social activities you can join is to know what you truly desire – know your interests and passions so that you will be able to enjoy the journey of socializing with people. This way, meeting people should not be draining. Rather, it will make you feel more fulfilled because you are able to create new bonds with people who share the same values, interests, and passions as you.

Keep in mind that trust and connection are only possible when you’re sincere in what you do. If you love what you’re doing, creating bonds with people will come naturally.


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